Saturday, 24 March 2012

Environment Agency agrees to look at 'dangerous' riverside path

MOLESEY Conservatives have called on the Environment Agency to make the riverside path safer at Hampton Court Bridge.

We have taken up the issue in response to residents living off Graburn Way, who wrote to express concern that the dirt track path is "pitted, uneven, and most of all extremely dangerous".

One described seeing a wheelchair user struggling to navigate the section, and added: "I had to help get the occupant out of the chair while their carer negotiated a particularly bad hollow in the surface.

"During the Olympics the towpath will presumably be crowded and there will probably be a nasty accident unless some restorative treatment is carried out now."

Spectators are expected to line the route of Olympic cycling events on July 28, 29 and August 1, when it crosses Hampton Court Bridge and passes along the Hurst Road in East Molesey.

The Molesey Conservative Residents contacted the Environment Agency, which is responsible for the path, and the EA agreed to carry out a site assessment in late March. We will let you know the results in the next Molesey News.

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