Saturday, 24 March 2012

Council tax frozen again!

THE Elmbridge portion of your council tax bill has been frozen for another year, reflecting borough Conservatives' resolve to keep your bills as low as possible in difficult times.

It means that since the Conservatives formed the administration at Esher in 2006, there has been no increase in the council tax for five years out of six.

Elmbridge is one of only nine councils in England and Wales to have achieved this, and it is against a backdrop of 4% inflation and the council having to find £1.2 million in savings. And what’s more, there has been no reduction in the council’s services, and the charges for services EBC provides have been frozen again - for the fourth time in six years.

Over the life of the administration the Council has saved £6 million from its budget by renegotiating contracts, clamping down on waste and other measures. Elmbridge was recently praised by the District Auditor as among the country’s top performing authorities.

Council leader John O’Reilly, told The Molesey News: "The Council Tax freeze is particularly welcome for young families and those who rely on their pensions, where every penny matters.

"We are relentless in demanding value for money, but protecting our superb community and other services."

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