Saturday, 8 September 2012

Molesey roads in need of repair!

SURREY County Council is promising a five year blitz on the county’s worst roads.

It wants residents to suggest those in most need of attention by emailing

John Furey, the county councillor for transport, said 90% of Surrey roads are now in a ‘decent condition’ and it is time to look at the remaining 10%.

Molesey Conservatives were successful in having Hampton Court Avenue in East Molesey resurfaced earlier this year, after sending photo evidence to Mr Furey’s predecessor.

Now we are asking for Island Farm Road (pictured) to be addressed. Please post your comments below.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Dominic Raab MP: No going back on deficit

ESHER & Walton MP Dominic Raab wrote the following column for readers of the Molesey News (Conservative newsletter) in September 2012, to update on his work locally and at Westminster.

The government is taking a range of measures to dig us out of this economic rut – cutting business taxes, cutting the red-tape holding entrepreneurs back, and trying to help get finance from the banks to the viable businesses that need the lifeline.

But, there is no going back on the plans to cut the deficit. The debt we have inherited from the last government is holding Britain back and is an appalling legacy to leave the next generation. It must be tackled.

Beyond the economy, we are delivering on welfare reform, so that those on benefits don’t earn more than the average family in work.

Schools reform is re-emphasising the importance of discipline and academic rigour – to equip our children with the skills to thrive in work and life.

We have a cap on immigration that is starting to bring down the numbers. The Prime Minister vetoed an EU treaty that threatened the British economy, and has refused to implement the diktat from Strasbourg ordering prisoners be given the vote.

Locally, I have been engaged with small businesses, local police officers at the new hub by the local, GPs and local charities. I intervened with Gladedale to help secure the landscaping of the Jolly Boatman site for the Olympics, and am supportive of efforts by local residents to purchase the site permanently. 

Above all, living round the corner in Thames Ditton, I understand and feel part of this wonderful, vibrant, community.”

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