Friday, 4 December 2015

Shell in West Molesey is granted alcohol licence extension

A number of residents contacted our councillors in September to raise concerns about Shell garage in Hurst Road which had applied to Elmbridge Council for permission to sell alcohol 24-7.

Cllr Steve Bax, who is a member of the Licensing Committee, raised concerns with council officers that such a generous licence was unnecessary and could result in anti-social behaviour locally. On the other hand we felt it would be only fair if the garage were afforded equal hours with the neighbouring Tesco superstore. Increasingly these days garages rely on in-shop sales to supplement fuel sales and remain viable, particularly in the South East where there is the temptation to close garages and sell the land for housing. We recognise that the garage is a valued amenity to many Molesey drivers.

Motor Fuels Ltd, who were applying on the Shell garage’s behalf curbed their request to 10pm in line with the Tesco store and were granted a licence extension by the council. It is however subject to 11 conditions ranging from CCTV to age checks, training and storage restrictions and could lose its licence if it fails to adhere to the rules.

Cllr Bax commented in the Autumn Molesey News: “It was clearly inappropriate for the garage
to be selling alcohol so late into the night. I am glad that common sense prevailed. We want the garage to be viable but also to do the right thing by the community.”

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