Sunday, 10 May 2015

Missing barrier in Hurst Road is a danger for pedestrians

MOLESEY Conservatives have secured an important victory for public safety locally.
Thanks to pressure from our chairman, Mr Terence Alexander, and Councillor Steve Bax, Surrey County Council has agreed to replace the broken barrier by the war memorial in East Molesey.
Presently around 50m of barrier is missing and cars are regularly parking across the pavement area, with pedestrians as well as mums with buggies being forced into the road.
Despite this being an obvious accident waiting to happen, there appeared to be little urgency from the authorities to do anything about it. Surrey tried to pass the buck to Elmbridge and vice versa.
Terence, who lives along the riverside in East Molesey, refused to let the matter drop and enlisted the help of Steve.
Eventually Elmbridge officers uncovered years-old documentary proof that the area had been designated as highway land in 1887 and that Surrey was liable for repairs.
Steve has since had confirmation that the County is obtaining quotes from contractors with a view to replacing 50m of fence line by this month (May).
Steve said: “The safety of our residents and children and that of visitors to the riverside cannot be overstated. I am pleased the County has decided to act, and not a moment too soon! All credit is due to Terence for his perseverance.”

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