Thursday, 5 April 2012

Candidates announced for this year's Molesey East election!

The official starting gun for this year's Elmbridge Borough Council elections was fired this morning, with the announcement from the council of the candidates who will be standing in May.

One big surprise is the number of candidates for Molesey East this year - at 12 is quite possibly a record! The reason for there being so many is that the Official Monster Raving Looney Party has decided to put-up nine candidates! I'm hearing on the grapevine that it might be an attempt to get into the records book for the most candidates from the same party.

Less surprising was the news that the MRA will be fielding Nigel Cooper as their candidate once again. After 17 years at the council and a lacklustre record of achievement for Molesey, particularly in the last four years, I don't think we can expect anything new from him. But I'll await his manifesto with interest.

I will be pledging support for residents of East Molesey who are suffering the ill-effects of railway commuters filling up their streets, with a practical plan to resolve the long-running problem (an issue which by the way, the MRA refuses to address and opposes the solutions!). I also promise to use my influence within the Conservative group at Elmbridge to restore the free parking at Molesey's town centre car park, to give a boost to our hard-pressed shops and a welcome relief to residents whose streets are being a tempting target for shoppers and shop workers who wish to avoid paying car parking charges.

As a member of the Friends of Molesey Library I will do my bit to keep our library open and thriving, and as a councillor will safeguard our town from inappropriate development, especially the kind which threatens our green and open spaces. Molesey could use a voice within the Conservative group to argue our corner and win over the broadest church of support.

On the thorny issue of the Jolly Boatman, I urge the owners of the site to accept the very generous offer from Historic Royal Palaces to landscape the site for the Olympics. I would like to see this become permanent and will support and encourage any credible plan to purchase the site for the community. I have grave reservations about the scale of what is proposed and its potential to spoil the view of the Palace from the Molesey side of the river. It could also have a detrimental affect on traffic flow and the already severe problem of station users parking in Molesey's residential streets.

I am standing for council because I live in Molesey and love the sense of community here, and the unique access to the river and parks and of course our proximity to historic Hampton Court. I want Molesey to continue to be a great place to raise my two young children and for you to raise yours.

I have been writing to residents all year courtesy of the Molesey News - the newsletter in newspaper style I created in August last year. So I believe I am starting this campaign on solid foundations and concentrating on genuine local issues. Mine is a manifesto for Molesey and I am looking forward to meeting as many of you on the doorsteps to hear your concerns and to do what I can to help.

Please keep checking the website between now and May 3rd for updates.

Best wishes,
Steve Bax

Molesey Conservative Residents candidate for Molesey East

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